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TROY.NY is a hidden jewel in the American landscape. The birthplace of the industrial revolution and one of the nation’s wealthiest cities in the mid-19th century, Troy was left behind as industry and lifestyles changed. But while other cities were decimated by shortsighted urban renewal and suburban exodus, TROY.NY withstood the ravages of time, preserving much of its irreplaceable architecture and historic character. Throughout the city beautiful old buildings remain, still affordable and still accessible to those with vision.

A growing number of people are recognizing the true worth of this urban treasure. They have discovered TROY.NY’s rich history, its unique personality and the many opportunities it presents. The city’s eclectic energy and vibrant sense of community have attracted people from across the nation and around the world.

In fact, TROY.NY’s greatest asset is its people; a population that’s diverse, opinionated and passionate about the city. TROY.NY is full of characters: tenth generation Trojans who have witnessed the bad times and refused to give up; urban pioneers reinventing the idea of city life; intellectuals drawn to the vibrant education and research community; artists finding inspiration in the city’s creative energy and small business owners who like to think big. All here because TROY.NY is a place where an individual can still make a difference – a place of historic opportunities.

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City of Troy
City of Troy


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